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Ecological game premiere at the
Audiovisual Technology Center

The first ecological VR event in Poland organized in the style of e-sports events


Creating a gaming show for young people, combined with environmental education.

  • Trash Rage is an ecology learning platform prepared to school and event conditions. As part of it, we take players to the post-apocalyptic world of the future, ruled by robots powered by artificial intelligence. In order to win, we must learn to… sort garbage.
  • We dreamed that the very premiere of our game would reflect exactly what we care about in this project. It is about combining entertainment with education, and at the same time highlighting the burning problem of the pollution of our planet.

We associate virtual reality with an experience intended only for one person. At Trash Rage Game Day, we wanted to show how VR can become part of a show for a large group of people.

At Trash Rage Game Day, we wanted to show how VR can become part of a show for a large group of people.

We were inspired by the formula of e-sport events. Viewers could watch the competition of the tournament participants on two large screens and cheer on their favorites.


Healthy competition, effective learning and new technologies

  • The interest in Trash Rage Game Day has shown us that the audience is fascinated by new technologies such as VR. We were also pleasantly surprised that the ecological awareness of the society was increasing. People who attended the events wanted to learn about practical solutions that would allow them to be “more eco-friendly” on a daily basis.
  • To make such a tournament possible, we have prepared a special version of Trash Rage. An additional results screen allowed you to follow the results in real-time, so the excitement grew as the fight for first place neared the end.
  • Dr Event, who hosted the event, also encouraged the players to score more points. In the finals of the tournament, you could observe how enthusiastic players, already familiar with the technology of virtual reality, focus only on the game and dream about the podium.


Game development

Creating a concept of game premiere

Finding a venue: Audiovisual Technology Center (CeTA)

Inviting schools, partners, and media; plus technical preparation

Coordination of the event, provision of lectures and organization of a gaming tournament with prizes

In addition to lectures and the opportunity to play a VR game, event participants could win interesting prizes, such as ecological soy wax candles or reusable shopping bags instead of disposable plastic bags.


HTC Vive


  • Success # 1 | Attracting event

The event was divided into two sessions – the first one dedicated to schools and the second (evening) which was open to all. In total, 350 people visited us. In addition, during the premiere of Trash Rage, you could learn more about recycling, the threats posed by humans to nature, and the creation of VR games. The final of the event was the Trash Rage tournament with prizes. The best players could win the Oculus GO goggles.

  • Success # 2 | Eco-gaming in virtual reality

The premiere was organized at the Audiovisual Technology Center. The exhibition was Poland’s first VR event designed in the style of esports events. Everyone could come and use six free-play virtual reality stations for free.

  • Success # 3 | Meaningful lectures

We invited guests from companies and institutions such as Ekosystem, Ekolandia.edu, and Zoo Wrocław to tell us why recycling is important and how we can better protect nature. Additionally, as part of our educational activities at Giant Lazer (VR / AR Hero), we showed how to create VR games. It was certainly an interesting topic for people who are thinking of working in the gaming industry.

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