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Flying Things VR game
for the XRSPACE platform

Multifaceted cooperation to promote new hardware to support virtual reality applications – XRSPACE headset.

XRSPACE | Dutsche Telekom | hubraum


XXRSPACE unveiled the XRSPACE MANOVA headset in 2020 – the world’s first portable VR device with 5G connectivity.

XRSPACE is a project founded by the ex-CEO of HTC Peter Chou and developed in cooperation with the American SoC manufacturer Qualcomm, as well as with Deutsche Telekom and the hubraum technology incubator.


Extending the entertainment offer of applications for the innovative XRSPACE Manova headset

  • Our participation in the development of XRSPACE is associated with great faith in an innovative approach to the subject of virtual and augmented reality. It results from the assumption that the VR headset can be a natural and very handy attribute of every user, offering a completely new range of possibilities addressed to game fans.
  • In the case of XRSPACE, the breakthrough technology was the reason to ask yourself questions. About how far we can go with our own plans and where the line between what is possible and what is still unattainable actually stands. XRSPACE MANOVA gave us an injection of new energy, which translated into creativity in action.
  • The innovative platform on which we were able to create required from us equally modern thinking in the context of entertainment. So that, in addition to the dexterity aspect, the finished product also has a timeless aesthetic and developmental value. In a word: what was to be created had to be multi-dimensional and go beyond the “arcade” patch. This is how Flying Things was born.

Giant Lazer was set to create one of the first entertainment applications available on Manova’s XRSPACE hardware since its launch.


A combination of movement, competition and creative entertainment

  • Using the previous product and design experience (mainly the Red Bull Flugtag simulator solutions and the educational Build & Fly application), we created the Flying Things concept – a commercial product aimed at a wide audience interested in unusual game mechanics.
  • As the name suggests, the game is about creating “flying machines”, i.e. aircraft-like vehicles powered by the power of your imagination and your own hands. Visually pampered and loosely inspired by the steam punk atmosphere, the application does not leave anyone indifferent to its friendly and original style.
  • The game plan is stretched between two spaces – the workshop, where we create our vehicles, and the board over which we fly during the arcade part.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the gameplay

3D graphics creation
and programming

Adaptation to target devices

The player’s task is to achieve the best results, which involves covering the longest possible distances during the flight. It is a reliable engine for healthy competition.

As for the dynamic part – we have provided players with a very classic mode, in which they have to break off the ramp and stay above the ground for as long as possible, covering the next virtual meters of the map. It is worth noting – no part of the plane works automatically. This eliminates the possibility of using jet engines or rockets.
The airplane is powered solely by a mechanical force generated by the player pulling the levers and moving the cranks. In this way, we encourage users to take advantage of the very natural manual possibilities offered by XRSPACE MANOVA, while building an addictive element of fun and competition.


XRSPACE headset


  • Success # 1 | Original VR game for XRSPACE

As a finished product, Flying Things fits perfectly into the assumptions of XRSPACE, which is to be a platform connecting people and providing them with high-level entertainment. We put our game in the hands of users who are curious about the world, who will find joy in our amazing experience.

  • Success # 2 | Innovative partnership

We are proud to be able to participate in the XRSPACE project as one of the game developers for the debut version of the device. We are all the more pleased to work with XRSPACE alongside such recognizable brands as RESOLUTION, FUTURETOWN, VIRTULEAP, GO PRO, as well as media partners – VOGUE and GQ. 

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