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Logistics in VR: Build & Fly
educational game

A VR experience that allows you to get acquainted with the topic of internal logistics in a friendly and fun way.

BCUBE Projektlogistik


A global network with strong local roots. BCUBE Projektlogistik was born from the merger of the Italian group BCUBE and the German PROJEKTLOGISTIK. The companies combine extensive experience and international presence. BCUBE Projektlogistik is an organization that draws on over 60 years of practice and is also young and flexible. It offers a dedicated team, individual approach and operational implementations for medium and large companies. One of the company’s services is internal factory logistics.


Creating an interesting game introducing
users to the subject of logistics

  • The main goal of the client was to initiate a discussion on logistics services and training programs in VR technology.
  • Our task was to use the gaming potential of virtual reality in order to combine the entertaining formula and manual operation in accordance with the principles of logistics for completing the elements of a flying machine.

This accessible form conceals a promotional application that spreads knowledge about work optimization that reduces the number of employee errors when completing device elements.

The VR application for BCUBE Projektologistik was also to serve as an attraction prepared for the occasion of fairs and conferences

Due to the promotional nature of the game, the client was also interested in implementing a two-person mode, which significantly diversifies the gameplay and at the same time builds a sense of the important role of cooperation in logistics processes.


A fun and practical application for employees
and participants of industry events

  • Addictive gameplay in which users complete the elements of a flying machine, and then they can sit at the controls and take to the skies.
  • Cartoon style emphasizes the entertaining nature of the application.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the gameplay

3D graphics creation
and programming

Adaptation to target devices


HTC Vive


  • Success # 1 | Unique learning environment

We have prepared a concept of an assembly station organized in a practical but fun way. The player builds a flying bike from parts arranged in a sequence corresponding to the order of assembly.

  • Success # 2 | Entertainment and promotion

After building the bike, the player has the option to spin the bike’s hand crank to accelerate from the hill and fly over the canyon. Additional functionality is a multiplayer mode in which two players compete with each other.

  • Success # 3 | Successful app premiere

The premiere of the educational game Build & Fly took place at Logimat 2018 in Stuttgart and turned out to be a great success. Visitors to the BCUBE Projektlogistik stand were queuing to play on their own and learn about the concept of VR training.

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