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Mystery Gates VR. An interactive journey through Lower Silesia

What is the Mystery Gates VR educational and entertainment app?

Discover the secrets of the historical and cultural places of Lower Silesia in the virtual reality edition. The application was created to educate users about one of the most beautiful Polish regions through interactive play. We achieved this thanks to the immersive technology of VR and the Oculus Quest headset.

Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship


Lower Silesia is an attractive area from an economic perspective. As a region rich in academic, research, and new technology centers, it still attracts new investments, which naturally increases the local number of jobs and companies accepting specialists educated locally. The Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesia sees a promotional potential in this, which it uses in its communication.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the Regional Operational Program of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship for the period 2014-2020, and by the Self-government of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship as part of the project „Going Global – Lower Silesian Economic Diplomacy”.

The VR application for Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian was to be dedicated to recipients who are lovers of exploring the world and local places unconventionally, thanks to new technologies.


Introducing the tourist activity of Lower Silesia to the world of virtual reality

  • Looking for a modern way to present Lower Silesia to more and more demanding recipients, the Department of Economic Promotion asked our team of VR specialists to create a solution in virtual reality.
  • We didn’t want to take shortcuts from the beginning of the design process, so we tried to show Lower Silesia in a completely new way. For this purpose, we planned to create an application with content entirely in 3D technology for virtual reality systems. In addition, we decided to add a pinch of mystery in the form of puzzles that need to be solved to get from one location to another.
  • This project required modern and empathetic thinking in the context of entertainment from us. In addition to the purely technological and arcade aspect, the created application also has a high-quality aesthetic and development value.

Our goal was to familiarize users of the VR application with the attractions of Lower Silesia, most engagingly and surprisingly. How did we achieve this?

We used immersion, which in modern technological solutions is perceived as the most effective way to achieve the goals set by clients.


A virtual experience of mysterious puzzles straight from detective novels

  • We have designed high-quality 3D materials from historical, tourist, and landscape attractions of Lower Silesia (including the Wang Temple, Gold Mine in Złoty Stok, Książ Castle, Kłodzko Fortress, Church of Peace in Jawor, Meteorological Observatory on Śnieżka), which, thanks to the use of using virtual reality and VR equipment (Oculus Quest headset), we can freely interact and explore.
  • In addition to the educational factor, we offered the users to take part in a puzzling and interactive journey. How did we do it? We gave the recipients of the application a chance to participate in a peculiar game located in virtual reality, the rules of which resemble solving the secrets of escape rooms. But this time, we are accompanied by harmless, quite docile, and friendly ghosts.
  • The detective game begins when the player enters the Temple of Wang, where a key lies on the table to open the first door. In this way, the passage through a sequence of rooms that faithfully reflect the most famous attractions of Lower Silesia. After solving the puzzles, the user of the VR application collects fragments of spiritual keys, which in the end, open a trunk given as a reward to the player by the ghosts.


Oculus Quest

Higher-level hardware that is simple to set up and safe to use.

Thanks to its advanced technology, Oculus Quest headsets provide high-quality images, sound, and a feeling of total immersion in virtual reality. The interactive dimension of education and entertainment has never been so accessible and convenient. VR in the Oculus Quest headset edition has entered a new and better feeling.


sukces vr wirtualna rozszerzona rzeczywistość
  • Success #1 | The engaging nature of the VR solution in exploring Lower Silesia

The phenomenon of immersion allows users to move to the most fantastic attractions of this region instantly. Thanks to the use of Oculus Quest, Mystery Gates VR users have the impression of being fully immersed in virtual reality. Thanks to this highly developed technology, we provided our client with entertainment and education at a high level.

  • Success #2 | Interactive education in the VR edition

Such extensive and accessible exploration of historical and tourist places in Lower Silesia would not be possible to such an extent in the real world. Models designed in 3D technology, without the risk of damaging historical attractions, allow users to interact with them in any way. Nowhere will we see inscriptions prohibiting touching the exhibits!

  • Success #3 | An original and puzzling game set in a fantastic world

Mystery Gates VR has become an application that provides people who are curious about the world with high entertainment and satisfies their curiosity about the world. Virtual reality gave them an unusual opportunity to play the role of a detective who is not afraid of looking for further clues with ghosts’ help.

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