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Semi-trailer inspection
VR training

Convenience tailored to an innovative company from the logistics industry, looking for improvements in the inspection process and employee training.

BCUBE Projektlogistik GmbH


A global network with strong local roots. BCUBE Projektlogistik was born from the merger of the Italian group BCUBE and the German PROJEKTLOGISTIK. The companies combine extensive experience and international presence.

BCUBE Projektlogistik is an organization that draws on over 60 years of practice, and is also young and flexible. It offers a dedicated team, individual approach and operational implementations for medium and large companies. One of the company’s services is internal factory logistics.


Creation of more time-flexible training courses for logistics

  • To educate employees, a qualified trainer and time spent in working conditions are essential. Usually, it is not easy to set up a time window with a truck trailer for training due to the tight departure schedule.
  • The client wanted the application to include a prototype/simulation of smart glasses, with the application used instead of the paper form.

VR technology makes it possible to create training programs that teach industrial processes in controlled conditions.


Smart glass software training with a digital checklist

  • The trainee checks the elements of the trailer according to the checklist on the glasses and, step by step, assesses and marks the condition of each element.
  • The program teaches employees to use smart glass to handle the form and generate inspection documentation.
  • We have emulated the operation of the goggles’ jackets using VR controllers.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the gameplay

3D graphics creation
and programming

Adaptation to target devices

The application simulates the operation of the smart glass device in the real inspection process. So we had to transfer the controls of the real Vuzix M300 model to our VR application running on the HTC Vive.


HTC Vive 


  • Success # 1 | Immediate training

Having the necessary hardware and our software at its disposal, BCUBE Projektlogistik is able to immediately introduce its new employees to the inspection process of a freight trailer, without the need to plan training sessions in advance and to shut down additional equipment.

  • Success # 2 | Introduction to the world of innovation

The latest technologies often require training, which is ensured by using the phenomenon of immersion. Virtual reality offers contact with everyday situations without risk, and at the same time with the full involvement of the user.

  • Success # 3 | Try, learn, test your knowledge

The theory of small steps does not fail, also in a virtual reality environment. From our perspective, dividing the application into a demonstration, training and examination module works well as a solution leading to the effective consolidation of knowledge.

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