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Smart home solutions:
VR promotional application

Smart home user simulator, serving as a presentation of the company’s offer providing innovative technological solutions



The Grenton company is a producer of popular and at the same time highly advanced smart home systems, providing customers with tools for remote control of electronics for every type of household.


Production of a smart home simulator
used for promotion and sale

  • We are currently seeing significant growth in the smart home application market. More and more people are interested in convenient and easy-to-learn solutions for managing the internal home electrical system.
  • And while this type of technology is now readily available and more affordable than before, the innovative technology behind it leaves many potential customers with doubts about the quality and convenience it offers.
  • That is why, together with GoodCase (a marketing agency operating from Grenton) and the Flying Carpet studio, we have undertaken to create a high-quality VR application that will allow you to check how smart home technology can adapt to the various needs of recipients.

In order to introduce the user to the simulation as effectively as possible, we decided to create a realistic scenario that exposes all the advantages of smart home technology, giving everyone the opportunity to empathize with everyday situations.


Fully interactive experience and the freedom to explore the virtual space

  • Our main goal was to present a wide range of functions that the Grenton application has. It allowed users to learn about remote management of home devices and systems, taking into account specific situations, spaces, and personal preferences.
  • We have created a high-standard virtual 3D house model with a modern and fashionable living space and with it the external environment that served us in creating the “away from home” scenario. The interior of the building itself was to reflect the intelligent and modern thinking behind the advertised product. We wanted a representative and stylish space.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the gameplay

3D graphics creation
and programming

Adaptation to target devices

To fully show the versatility of the Grenton application, we have assigned specific activities to different rooms as well as the outside space.

Thanks to the use of a detailed Grenton mobile application, which is located on the user’s virtual tablet, he has full control over the automated elements of the home space.

In his hands, there are tools to control programmed electrical devices, and every change manifests itself immediately before his eyes. This allows you to increase the level of immersion, i.e., the immersion of the recipient in the designed world.

The simulator user can freely manipulate:


  • lights in the dining room, living room, and hall – their brightness and color of LED lamps,
  • the audio system – the songs played and the playback volume level,
  • video system – displaying TV programs or streaming offer (Netflix type), if the device is turned on,
  • video intercom, security system, shutter, and thermostat settings.


VR headsets


  • Success # 1 | Effective smart home showcase

Thanks to a wide set of tools, everyone can enjoy the experience of having an installed and functional smart home system. In this case, the choice of an immersive medium gives the feeling of real testing of all prepared solutions in conditions similar to natural ones, which creates an effective advertising material and increases the base of potential customers, saving time and finances of the application distributor.

  • Success # 2 | Visually refined design

Giant Lazer developers and designers have mastered the creation of architecture and interior design in a VR environment, based on refined 3D models and natural mechanics. In its final form, the application was used at trade fairs, incl. in Germany and in Spain.

  • Success # 3 | Communication as a foundation

It is worth noting that the quality of the application presented above is also a direct result of very good communication with the GoodCase and Flying Carpet teams. Our client’s constructive feedback and attention to detail meant that the work developed naturally and without any obstacles.

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