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Virtual tour inside the legendary
ORP Orzeł

A 360º application that allows you to remotely explore the unique space of the legendary ORP Orzeł submarine prepared for the promotion of historical knowledge

AURA Films


Aura Films has over 10 years of experience in the production of fictional and documentary films. The team approaches each project individually, implementing their passion for creating films. The studio is characterized by the will to positively influence the world thanks to the power of the stories it tells. Aura Films productions are an extension of these values.


Presenting the history of ORP Orzeł to the audience

  • The history of ORP Orzeł is one of the greatest secrets of Polish participation in World War II. It’s not only due to the daring escape of the ship to Great Britain from then-neutral Estonia, but primarily due to the unknown circumstances of the disappearance of this historic vessel.
  • For decades, historians and fans of the Polish armed forces have been looking for coordinates of the place where ORP Orzeł could have been sunk – in other words: where its wreck is now.
  • To this day, the legend of the mysterious disappearance of the ORP Orzeł is still alive and very fascinating. It was she who inspired the director Jacek Bławut and other filmmakers to make a full-length film entitled “Orzeł. The Last Patrol “, which required the creation of a realistic model of the object, rendered by us in VR technology.

The decision to create a 360º application based on photos of a realistic model of the ORP Orzeł ship allowed us to save work time while maintaining a high-quality visual experience.


Discover the legendary ORP Orzeł and learn about its secrets

  • As part of the project, we had the pleasure to cooperate with the Pure Color Media team, which made spatial photographic material using cameras using 360° technology.
  • By combining the effects of the photo session that took place inside the ship’s scenery with the construction of the virtual reality space, we successfully recreated the impression of visiting the interior of ORP Orzeł.
  • Our application has been designed to present the entire space of the legendary ship in an easy and accessible way. Made with the Oculus Go headset in mind, the app allows anyone to join a trip inside.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the gameplay

360° graphics creation
and programming

Adaptation to target devices

The application has a system of clearly marked interaction points that will help users to easily navigate through the various cabins of the submarine.


Oculus GO headset


  • Success # 1 | Intuitive VR tour

Our Virtual Tour is very intuitive to use thanks to a simple UI design based on arrows and signs that users can interact with. By choosing the desired direction, they can move between the selected areas, and by clicking on special icons placed on the walls, they can reveal detailed information about the ORP Orzeł contained in the form of notes.

  • Success # 2 | From 360º tour to movie promotion

Our action supported the process of creating and promoting the expected film about the last days of this great machine, which is ORP Orzeł. There is no doubt that manufacturers are taking certain steps to ensure the best possible historical outline and a satisfying visual effect. We are proud that our modest work has turned out to be useful for the film crew.

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