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VR training
for vet students

Agricultural University of Cracow


The Agricultural University of Cracow has a long and rich history and a unique educational and research profile. Its history dates back to the 18th century when thanks to Hugo Kołłątaj the Department of Agriculture was established. Over a hundred years later, in 1890, the first Agricultural College was formed at Jagiellonian University.


Creating an easy-to-use and effective gonadectomy training app for university students

  • To prepare veterinary students to perform a real gonadectomy (i.e., castration) operation on a dog, the authorities of the University of Agriculture decided to partner with Giant Lazer to provide a VR application related to this area of veterinary practice.
  • Educational simulators in virtual reality require a team of programmers to base their work on exact instructions provided by medical specialists. Learned from previous experience working with Universities, Giant Lazer was ready to create this complex application. When designing this solution, we reviewed the initial medical documentation, which helped us to shed some light on the surgical technique we were supposed to replicate in virtual reality.

Agricultural University of Cracow presented us with a scenario covering over 40 key stages of a successful gonadectomy procedure. Each requires a good knowledge of the dog’s anatomy and specific movements that must be performed using professional tools.

The primary need for the project was to include an intuitive interface that would properly guide veterinary students through surgical procedures and VR gloves. All this was to ensure that they would faithfully reflect the accurate movements performed on the dog’s body.

This is how a professional VR application was created by specialists in VR technology for veterinary students. It aims to train future veterinarians in the specific type of medical procedure on a dog.


Designing a VR application for step-by-step veterinary training and examination

  • Our VR training includes, among others: cutting the skin and subcutaneous tissue and ligating the ovarian vessels.
  • The aim presented by the Agricultural University of Cracow project team was to give the users two modules: the training mode and the examination mode, which improves the process of developing skills and consolidating procedures.
  • Our programmers and 3D graphics have been working on detailed rules for each virtual activity required to complete the operation. They had to use markers that mimicked the actual limitations of surgical instruments. A correct decision allows users to continue the game, but a wrong one results in error messages displayed.

The course uses carefully designed 3D models that accurately reflect the dog’s anatomy.

Training takes place in conditions that faithfully reflect the natural surgical position

What does it mean?

Thanks to cooperation with the Agricultural University of Hugo Kołłątaj, Giant Lazer used virtual reality to reflect the dog’s anatomy in every detail. We included in the game specific movements that must be performed during the castration procedure (cutting the skin and subcutaneous tissue and ligating the ovarian vessels).

Mixed reality module for immersive educational content presentation

  • The project implemented for the Agricultural University of Hugon Kołłątaja in Krakow also assumed a supplementary didactic solution dedicated to developing the knowledge of veterinary students.
  • The University decided to invest in innovative and ground-breaking Microsoft equipment – HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset, which can display 2D and 3D images in the nearest space and allow users to interact with them freely.
  • Thanks to the solution chosen by the University, every student can observe detailed scripts and models pleasantly and naturally. Moreover, one object can be seen by other users wearing the same mixed reality headset simultaneously, so there is also a field for developing a virtual collaboration module.

Virtual Reality makes it easier to immerse in a given situation and focus on the tasks entirely. As an educational tool, VR software is perceived as a faster and more engaging way of conducting lessons or training sessions.


HTC Vive Pro
Microsoft HoloLens 2


  • Success #1 | Smooth gameplay and excellent graphics optimization

VR hardware combined with a PC allows developers and 3D graphic designers to achieve the best visual and audio design experience. Our training gives you a realistic experience and immersion into the specialized field of veterinary surgery.

  • Success #2 | Our app, your comfort

We love accessible solutions, and our customers clearly appreciate them. You can turn on VR applications whenever you want and use them for as long as necessary. In this case, the Agricultural University of Cracow employees can simply run the application on the computer and VR headsets for students who can quickly start their virtual journey.

  • Success #3 | Medical VR full of details

Veterinary and medical practice is always about details and clear guidelines. We understand this and we think primarily about students – their experience with the most authentic 3D environment possible.

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