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Elbląg Canal Slipway
VR Simulator

Educational application promoting knowledge about the history of technology and regional monuments of the Elbląg Canal region

Elbląg’s European Meeting Center „Światowid”


The aim of the Center’s activity is to promote the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship – a place of exceptional historical, cultural, recreational, and tourist value that can compete with many valued regions of Europe.


Implementation of an educational project for visitors to the “Światowid” Center

  • The slipways are an alternative to chamber locks, built from a set of hydrotechnical and mechanical devices, the task of which is to carry vessels on platforms (carts) located between the upper and lower water positions.
  • These places are one of the most recognizable monuments in the region. As part of the activities combining the cultural promotion of Warmia and Mazury and the educational mission of EMC “Światowid”, we undertook to create an accurate simulator of the ramp.
Our work on the development of the incline simulator began with the collection of information and references. Preparations and substantive works were carried out together with qualified train drivers and the Society of Elbląg Canal Lovers “Navicula”, based on the concept proposed by CSE “Światowid”.

From the very beginning of our cooperation, we wanted the virtual walk and simulator project to allow us to independently manage the work of the engine room and get to know the position of the whistleblower.


Historical experience and tons of fun

  • The task that we set for the player in the main part, the engine room, is to safely guide two ships through the slipway.
  • We have provided the user with a direction of movement lever, a brake lever, and a valve, and therefore a set of control devices faithful to reality. By maneuvering them in the right way, the user is able to perform the task entrusted to him.
  • With the broad availability of the game in mind, the simulator also includes a selection of the difficulty level: between the simplified one – containing indications and descriptions – and advanced, dedicated to people familiar with the rules of the game.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the gameplay

3D graphics creation
and programming

Adaptation to target devices

When preparing 3D models, we relied on point clouds provided by the customer (prepared during 3D scanning), historical technical drawings as well as photos and videos from visits to engine rooms and ramps.


HTC Vive


  • Success # 1 | Realistic VR experience

By combining the technical requirements presented by the experts and the work of the audio-visual team, we managed to create an accessible, yet the complete experience of the technical service of the ramp, enriched with a sightseeing aspect based on the walking part.


  • Success # 2 | Attraction for visitors

We are glad that the developed application arouses keen interest as one of the attractions of the European Meetings Center “Światowid”. Thanks to the additional option to choose the English language, the simulator fits in with the international character of the institution’s promotional activities.


  • Success # 3 | Effective manual aspect of the game

By faithfully reproducing the actual work of the ramp, we offer users the chance to use VR controllers to perform realistic activities related to the operation of the machine room.

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