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Training for future HoReCa indsutry employees

What is the VR and AR app for HoReCa indsutry?

A complete VR simulator for future employees in the catering industry allows for practical assimilation of the execution of culinary recipes and drinks and guest service in the restaurant room.


Creating an intuitive VR and AR application for the restaurant room


  • Maintaining the credibility of the movements and procedures performed daily by restaurant employees, showing the natural reactions of food products to the operation of kitchen equipment, preparing recipes, and arranging the space took a lot of work. However, the experience in working in the business area and implementing new technology training provided Giant Lazer with adequate preparation for creating another course of this type.

The team’s goal was to use virtual reality as accurately as possible to offer users a quick and easy way to learn the necessary procedures for their positions.

The course is conducted using carefully designed 3D models that faithfully reflect the working conditions in restaurants.


A complete and effective VR and AR simulator for HoReCa industry employees

  • The Giant Lazer team managed to program an immersive tool, which, apart from a single-player option, also allows for the cooperation of at least two people (multiplayer mode) and the development and reporting of skills within the following elements:
    – Preparation of the buffet in the consumption room, including, among others, implementation of 10 gastronomic recipes in the breakfast buffet, selection of semi-finished products, distribution of tableware, taking into account health and safety rules.
    – Serving guests in the restaurant room, including training in collecting orders from virtual guests.
    – Implementation of recipes in the role of a cook.
    – Preparing drinks as a bartender.
  • 3D graphic artists and programmers have created three-dimensional kitchen tools that interact precisely with each other. They also included a broad spectrum of feedback used to train employees better and faster. In addition to serving guests and ordering and preparing dishes and cocktails, it also includes an examination mode that generates reports for the teacher.

The training is carried out using all the necessary items

What does this mean?

3D graphic designers from Gaint Lazer tried to reflect the details of the kitchen utensils available in the restaurant as faithfully as possible. First, they remembered that during the VR game, the interaction with them should refer to the real behavior of these devices.

Users get to know their environment in-depth in the hotel restaurant

What does this mean?

The application provides owners with appropriate training for employees who may not have previous experience working in a similar position. The developed tool trains users in using specific techniques for making dishes, using the necessary items.

3D design

Our 3D graphics specialists designed each object from scratch

What does this process look like?

Graphic design in 3D technology starts with the meshing stage. Next, textures are applied to them, which in shape and color, resemble a real object.

An example of such actions when creating an ordered application can be seen in the graphics posted next to it.


HTC Vive Pro 2

The HTC VIVE Pro 2 offers an immersive experience with 5K visuals. It also guarantees a wide field of view of 120°, which allows users to see much more in virtual reality.

The goggles are extremely comfortable to use, which is especially useful during an exciting journey through images designed with VR technology. Thanks to adapting to the natural capabilities of the human eye, HTC VIVE Pro is ideal for exploring the restaurant’s space and learning about cooking procedures.

vr education

Graphic designers have prepared over 600 models of objects, including avatars

All are made in 3D, especially for the needs of the virtual application.

The possibility of choosing dozens of products

According to the type of breakfast that is specified in the selected scenario. There are also 40 types of drinks.

Versatile use and free movement

Thanks to the teleport function, the application contains scenarios with several rooms where the user can move efficiently. For example, students can approach the bar from the waiter’s or bartender’s side, depending on their needs.


sukces vr wirtualna rozszerzona rzeczywistość
  • Success #1 | High credibility in the tasks performed

Faithful incorporation of complex and necessary skills in the restaurant environment, including but not limited to the arrangement of the breakfast buffet for hotel guests by the selected style (simple, Viennese, English, and continental breakfast).

  • Success #2 | Efficient and modern training tool for HoReCa indsutry

The use of VR headsets and mobile devices gives a lot of freedom. This course can be completed anywhere – just turn on the equipment and join the simulation. In addition, these tools eliminate the need for time-consuming preparation of equipment and products for employee training in the traditional way.

  • Success #3 | Versatile use and extensively designed world

The app makes it easy for employers to track users’ progress and the results received for completing tasks. They are possible to implement thanks to a detailed virtual workshop containing all the necessary kitchen equipment.

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