When we think of virtual reality, our minds often conjure images of thrilling entertainment and immersive games. Yet, VR is much more than just popular shooters or arcade games.  It unveils a universe of boundless potential, embracing creativity and artistic knowledge – from sculpting, building, painting, to DJing. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of VR applications, discovering their types and usage. Last but not least, we’ll introduce you to five remarkable VR experiences that will unleash the artist within you


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VR Applications – What Are They And How Do They Work?

But let’s start with the basics – what are VR apps and how do they work? 

VR applications, or virtual reality applications, are innovative tools that allow users to enter a whole new world using an immersive experience.

The operation of VR applications is based on simulating reality using special goggles (headsets) or VR helmets and motion controllers. The goggles display a three-dimensional image in front of the user’s eyes, making them feel like they are inside a virtual world. The sound is generated by special VR headphones, and the entire experience allows us to be in places or situations that were previously unattainable, such as climbing Mount Everest or observing the world from the perspective of a bumblebee’s flight.

How to Use VR Apps?

What are the uses of VR applications?

We would most gladly say they are limitless, but that would be not enough. Let’s take a closer look at a few specific applications of VR apps in various industries, ranging from technical ones to those in the more artistic realm.

VR Applications in Medicine

Medicine is one of the fields that is advancing at a rapid pace, both in terms of diagnosis and treatment methods, and especially in surgery. By utilizing advanced virtual reality solutions, it is possible to create an interactive, realistic, and safe space that allows for experimentation and skill development without any harm to the patient. This makes VR applications an ideal solution for doctors, medical students, and paramedics.

For example, through VR applications, medical personnel can enhance their knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation to more effectively save patients’ lives. Meanwhile, dentistry students can delve into the intricacies of their profession by performing dental procedures in a VR simulation.

VR Applications for Education 

Education is another area where the use of VR applications proves to be invaluable. 

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, traditional teaching methods are slowly fading into oblivion. This is due to both the increasing technological capabilities and, simple as it is, the decreasing effectiveness of outdated teaching methods.

Therefore, VR applications for education are becoming increasingly popular in front of our very eyes. Whether we’re talking about virtual English lessons or VR trainings for vet students,VR applications make the learning process more engaging, and effective.

VR applications in Business

The use of VR applications also has immense potential in business, especially in the realm of comprehensive training. VR technology allows the creation and simulation of various scenarios, enabling employees to practically apply their skills without the risk of incurring costs for the company.

Furthermore, VR applications can be utilized for product or service presentations. Companies can create virtual environments that enable customers to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the offering and gain a better understanding of its functionalities and the benefits it provides.

As for training, VR applications find their application in broader subjects such as occupational health and safety training or virtual cybersecurity training, as well as in more specialized areas like VR training for tanker operation.

VR Applications for the Industrial Sector

Virtual reality is a technology that is making significant inroads into the industrial sector, bringing revolutionary changes in how businesses design, manufacture, and optimize their products.

Transferring the work environment into virtual reality helps reduce training costs and minimize potential accident risks during the learning process.

What does this look like in practice?

Let’s take the logistics industry, for example.

One of the major challenges in this industry is the need for detailed and regular inspections of vehicles and trailers to ensure service reliability and the safety of workers. Thanks to VR applications, time-consuming and monotonous inspections are no longer a problem.

For instance, for our client BCUBE Projektlogistik, we created smart glass technology along with a VR application, greatly streamlining the inspection and reporting process. The documentation for trailer inspections can be now transformed into a simple and practical checklist, stored securely and accessible from anywhere.

VR Applications for Art Creators and Cultural Institutions

VR applications in culture and art also open up limitless possibilities for artists and creators. The newest technology allows us to interact with works of art on a completely new level, explore museums, galleries, and exhibitions from anywhere in the world, almost in the comfort of our home. 

VR technology also enables the creation of unique narratives and exciting scenarios. With the help of VR applications, we can transport ourselves to fantastic worlds, experience stories from the perspective of the protagonist, or even participate in historical events.

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5 Creative VR Applications That Will Capture Your Imagination

Sculptr VR

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own world that you could share with your friends? Today, this is possible thanks to SculptrVR.

This virtual reality application allows you to bring into being any space – from the ancient world of dinosaurs to the depths of outer space. With Sculptr VR, you can be anyone you want and shape your virtual world as you please. However, if you’re seeking inspiration, you can also explore worlds created by other players.

It’s the perfect space for gamers who have longed to create something unique. SculptrVR is available on PC and on Steam. Unfortunately, using it on a PlayStation console is a bit more challenging, but not impossible, as the app’s creators provide full support on the Discord platform.

What’s more, the product is suitable for owners of 3D printers, making it easy to export creations in FBX or OBJ formats.

The price of SculptrVR starts from around $17.


If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a painter, Vermillion is the perfect VR application for you. This artistic simulator will make you feel like Van Gogh in the comfort of your own home. The main feature of this application is a realistic paint color mixing system that you can try out using a traditional palette.

Designed with newcomers to creative VR applications in mind, Vermillion also features an integrated web browser with a canvas projector, perfect for virtual painting lessons. Furthermore, to enhance the realism, the app utilizes the “wet-on-wet” painting effect which can be switched to separate layers mode, providing greater freedom and a contemporary user experience.

The application offers a multiplayer mode, allowing you to share your work with up to four other users.

Vermillion is available for Windows 10 computers, with prices starting at $22.

Flying Things VR

It’s time for our VR app!

Flying Things VR is a one-of-a-kind aerial virtual game that allows you not only to take flight into the skies but also to create a unique aircraft of your own. To achieve the best score, you must cover the longest distance. You will be aided in this task by a wide range of aviation parts, and thanks to an extensive selection of decorations and paints, you can freely personalize your flying model.

Each machine is powered by force generated by the player. In other words, you are in full control, pulling the levers and cranks.

If our game has piqued your interest, try out the free demo version.


“I’ve got the power” – these are the first words that come to our mind when talking about the Deism app.

In some ways, this VR application is quite similar to the previously mentioned SculptrVR app – after all, both of these games are based on creating your own unique world. However, the creators of the Deism app have taken it a step further.

Because In this game… you are a god!

Not only do you create the world, but you can also manage it, perform miracles, and help humanity evolve from the Stone Age to a futuristic future.

Furthermore, by making the right decisions and leading people to prosperity, you can unlock new levels of godhood with a greater number of available miracles (spells).

This sandbox game is available for just $16.


Now something for music enthusiasts!

Get ready for a musical journey that will awaken your creativity and let you step into the shoes of a real DJ. Electronauts is an extraordinary VR application that transports you to a magical world of sounds, where you can create your own unique remixes of over 80 tracks from 80 different artists, in any music style.

It gets even more exciting when you decide to play in quick match mode with your friends. All of this comes with incredible graphics and a variety of tools packed into a powerful user interface design.

The application is available for Windows 10 computers and MacBooks, with a price of approximately $17.

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