Today, we want to focus on the five best creative VR apps that will wake your inner artist.

Some people just would not choose VR for action-packed games full of shooting and jumping. It’s understandable, isn’t it? Especially since we have so much more possibilities to explore different genres in the 3D world.

From sculpting, through the building, painting, assembling (and then flying), to DJing. These are the most creative virtual games today that you should try. Motion-based or simply manual challenges can go from very technical to just free improvisation – artsy even. So why not try them?

Sculptr VR

If for you, creativity means working with others and having fun with collective ideas, SculptrVR is a must-try. The application lets you create new, colorful, and detailed worlds along with your friends. It allows you to use intuitive and versatile tools to build, sculpt and design whatever is in your mind.

This creative VR app makes it possible not only to create but also to share your creations with others by posting them in the app gallery. Moreover, this product is suitable for 3D printer owners, making it easy to export creations to FBX or OBJ formats.


When it comes to creative VR app, it would be illogical not to mention Vermillion, a painting simulator that will make you feel like Bob Ross. The main feature of this app is obviously the realistic paint colors mixing system, which you can try using an old-school palette.

For novices, Vermillion also supports an “integrated web browser with canvas projector” for virtual painting lessons. Above that, for an extra real feel, the app uses a wet-on-wet painting effect, which however can be switched to separate layer mode, giving more freedom and modern spin to the experience.

Flying Things VR

Flying Things is a vehicle creator with arcade flight mode. It allows users to build their own plane-like models, using multiple types of plane parts, painting the machine with colorful sprays, and finishing it with fun details. All the treats for design-loving people out there.

After finishing the new creation, players can put on a safety helmet and fly the vehicle to the other side of the river and try to beat the high score (while competing with friends). Visually refined and loosely inspired by the steampunk atmosphere, the app does not leave anyone indifferent to its clever and original style.


Everybody sometimes wonders about how it would feel to be a god-like person. Having superpowers, no limitations, and infinite power. Well, this app answers some questions you would ask about godly life. Deism is a virtual reality sandbox that gives the player a chance to build a functioning world.

By casting miracles, sharing resources, and needed space, we can help humans live a happy life on “our earth”. What’s important is that by making the right decisions and leading humans to prosperity, users can unlock new Deity levels with more miracles available. How fun is that?


What about some music, huh? Now, when looking for a creative VR app, it’s important to also focus on sound mixing and matching activities. And this is what Electronauts lets us do.

The virtual reality experience is an opportunity to “mixmaster over 80 tracks from 80-plus artists across EDM, hip hop, trap, and countless other genres”. Isn’t that promising? Well, it gets even more fun than that, especially when the player chooses to play the quick match mode with a friend. All delivered with amazing visuals and a variety of tools packed in the powerful UI design.